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Shavkat Rakhimov: Triumph Was On My English I Feel I Won The Fight Информация
Shavkat Rakhimov: Triumph Was On My English I Feel I Won The Fight
Shavkat Rakhimov (15 0-1, 12 KOs) was unable to capture the IBF ace featherweight man style as he fought Joseph Diaz (31-1-1, 15 KOs) to a twelve beat bulk haul at Fantasy Leaps Repair Cassino in Indio, California. The IBF style became empty on Fr when the ace Diaz, came in 3. 6-pounds heavy As of the weighty issue the world style was but at back for Rakhimov. diaz-rakhimov-fight (2) One estimate scored the fight 115-113 for Diaz, which was overruled by two scores of 114-114. As a resolution of the outcome, the IBF style testament continue empty Rakhimov, who had Lobby of Name simulator Freddie Cockscomb in his area started rattling fasting in the first few rounds of the fighting He was forthcoming forward-moving beat abaft beat and throwing lots of punches. Diaz struggled with the burden for this designation and it took him any age to really go. But once he did, Diaz was able-bodied to dry mop rattling close hits on the unconquered packer Rakhimov slowed consume as the contest dog-tired in the sec one-half of the face-off - which allowed Diaz to up the rate and jam forward-moving with unions of his have In the after-crop Rakhimov was not pleased with scorecards. He strongly mat that he had finished plenty to win. He plans to return to the gym, fix his misconceptions and recall stronger the succeeding age roughly "I did all I was supposed to do, ” aforementioned Rakhimov. "Victory was on my english I feel I won the fight. Thither were a few misconceptions and we pauperism to process it. I did all that was possible. Thither were a few misconceptions but I testament exercise thereon. Thither is no perfect packer and I promise to advance also English admirers.
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