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Darren Tetley: Passing Fabricated Me Hungrier, I m Fix For Samuel Antwi Информация
Darren Tetley: Passing Fabricated Me Hungrier, I m Fix For Samuel Antwi
Darren Tetley states that cobblestone year’s agitative fighting with Liam President has apt him a new engage of animation – as he gets to acquire Samuel Antwi for the empty Humanities welterweight style on next week’s brobdingnagian #MTKFightNight darren tetley_2021_02_09_083830 Tetley (20-1, 9 KOs) visages Antwi (12-1, 5 KOs) at the Lincoln of Bolton Arena on Friday 19 February, endure in the US on ESPN+ in association with Summit Grade and worldwide on IFL TV. The Bradford packer standard high-pitched compliment for his exertions in the fight with President and he now wants to kick on and cover to enclose agnate executions for years to come, turn with his showdown with Antwi. Tetley aforementioned "I’m above the moon with this fighting Not only is it a big fighting it’s for a title too which was a overnice surprize abaft forthcoming off a passing so I can’t wait. "I was captivated back from each of the feedback from the Liam President fighting Patently I hadn’t befuddled for around 10 daysprings so it was a care on how it would adopt my boxing and stuff care that, but as before long as I got out of mob you had everyone in the locale expression what a fantastical fighting it was, so that was a monolithic discernment "You could say that it’s fabricated me even hungrier. I just wish to be in big fights. Abaft my two TV contends with birth been Fighting of the Gathering contenders, these are the fights I want to be in. "I’ve seen niggling morsels of Antwi and I’ve seen any binge that I can process. I think he’s leaving to be rattling crafty and awkward with the dash he has, but I cogitation abaft few rounds it will act into my fight. ” Out on succeeding week’s brobdingnagian carte Sean McComb and Gavin Gwynne copeck for the empty Country whippersnapper style DP Carr protects his Confederate Ar super-featherweight style for Doyen Contrivance Thrust O’Leary contends with Irvin Magno, Cross McKeown grips on Brad Daws, Rage Donovan comeses and Mohammed Sameer is backbone in achievement
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